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A  REAL | RAW | RELEVANT  Girly Chat Project for empowering women and the men who love them. Listen to us on 97 WATH | 97.1 FM, www.wxtq.com, and wherever you listen to Podcasts

"Well-behaved women seldom make history." ~ Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, Harvard Professor Emerita, Early America Historian and the History of Women, Author, Badass

"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles." ~ Audrey Hepburn, Humanitarian, WWII Nazi Resistance Supporter, Fashion Designer Givenchy's Muse, Actress, Badass

"...So, if they wanna call you crazy: Fine. Show them what crazy can do; it's all crazy until you do it. Just do it." ~ Serena Williams (via Nike), Tennis Champ, Fashion Designer, Mom, Badass



12:25 PM EST

Start your week with an emPOWER shot of feminine genius with molly, Esther, and Lynne! Mondays introduce our week's Bad*Girl and leave you wanting more... 


12:25 PM EST

...which you can get on Fridays when molly, Esther, and Lynne delve into more REAL | RAW | RELEVANT chat with our week's Bad*Girl. Finish your week - and start your weekend - encouraged, enlightened, inspired, and emPOWERED to be the Bad*Girl you were made to be! 


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TA~DA! (tah-DAH): A social gathering of women for friendship, conversation, and (usually) beverages. Food is optional; fun is not.


When you feel inspired.

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When you want to socialize but you've already taken off your bra and it would take an act of Congress to get you to put it back on in order to socialize in public.

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Generous | Visionary | Awesome

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"...because shopping is cheaper than counseling, safer than prescription drugs, and calorie-free!"
~ Anonymous Bad*Girl

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The GOoD Stuff.

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You Are Not Alone.

Every Girl. Everywhere. Period.

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Dear 97 WATH: You will never be the same. You're welcome.
~ All the Bad*Girlies

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Badass Wannabe

molly is not interesting... but she's working on it.

(SHAMELESS PLUG: Join molly for Sunday Morning Memories, 6:00 AM - noon, on WATH 970 AM | 97.1 FM. Expect to get your praise on!)


Guest Host, Bad*Girl

Esther is the President and Co-Owner of David White Services, Inc, and President of WINSEO (Women in Networking of Southeastern Ohio). Esther is not only brilliant and very cool, but her contribution as guest host of "That's What She Said!" is inspired at just such a time as this.


Host, Bad*Girl

Having reached the age where nature and others declare me as mature, I realize I am very immature. Daily, I struggle to be a caring daughter to elderly parents, a devoted wife and a generous mother and grandmother. Born as a middle child into a family of 13, you would think I am a good negotiator and I admit I am... but it was not a natural talent. My younger self was competitive and I loved to win. Today, my best victory is that of a day filled with gratitude and harmony, and a glass of good, red wine!

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Lifestyle Contributor, Bad*Girl

Aubrei is a Professional Organizer, Master Recycler, and owner of Real World Organizing in Athens, OH. You can contact Aubrei via email: aubrei@realworldorg.com. She contributes Organization Tips to the show.


HER*Story Contributor, Bad*Girl

Carol contributes to our "HER*Story" segment.


Art Contributor, Bad*Girl

Kristen Leigh Brown is an artist and community leader in Zanesville, OH. She shares her gifts with the folks at Rivertown Artworks in Zanesville and Transitions, Inc. Women's Shelter for Domestic Violence. Kristen gives us our visual mojo. We are proud to show off her art on our That's What She Said! website, tchotchke, and printed material.



300 Columbus Rd, Athens, OH 45701, USA

(740) 593-6651